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What are the system requirements for using Label 59?
For running Label 59 Application, you need a current browser with Flash Player 13. (Get Flash Player from | Read Flash Player System Requirements). For viewing Flash Version of the presentations created with Label 59, you need a current browser with Flash Player 13 or higher. Screen resolution of atleast 1024 x 768 and an internet connection. To view HTML5 Version, you need an HTML5 Compatible browser. Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox 4+, Opera, Safari 5.1.1+, Internet Explorer 9+.

What are the server requirements for using downloaded presentations?
Downloaded Label 59 Presentations consists of Flash (.swf), Image (.jpg) and XML (.xml) Files. The downloaded Flash Version when converted to HTML5, consists of CSS, JavaScript and Image (.jpg & .png) Files. Since all these file formats do not require any server-side script, these downloaded presentations run on both Windows and Linux Servers.

Do I need any skill set to use Label 59?
Label 59 is a user friendly application (No Coding Required) and can be used by any person who can browse the internet or check his email. With our 'what you see is what you get' environment, using Label 59 Application is a very easy and simple task.

Publishing Options / Output Formats

What all Publishing Options are available?
The following publishing options are available
- Direct Link (Email & Share)
- Embed Code (for embedding the presentation in your webpage)
- Download as ZIP Folder
- Save as Image (JPG | PNG)

What all Output Formats are available?
There are 2 Output Formats
1. FLASH (Requires Flash Player 13)
2. HTML5

You need to have HTML5 compatible browser. Supported browsers include Chrome, Firefox 4+, Opera, Safari 5.1.1+, Internet Explorer 9+.

Pricing & Plans

How does the Premium Plan work?
Under our Premium Plan you are free to create any number of slides during the validity period. You can access the direct link to presentations, presentations will be ad free and download for all these presentations will be available after creation. Typically download becomes available 5 minutes after you publish a presentation. You can edit or download these presentations any number of times.

There is NO Recurring Billing under the Premium Plan. At the end of your validity period, your Premium Plan expires and you have to purchase a new plan.

What happens to my presentations after the expiry of my premium membership?
When your premium membership expires, you will still be able to access and download your presentations but there are restrictions on editing these presentations. You will not be able to edit the multiple slide presentations. Only the single slide presentations can be edited. Upon editing, you can access the direct link to that presentation, that presentation will no longer be ad free and download for that presentation will not be available.

Where do I buy the Premium plan?
After signing up when you login to the Label 59 Application, you can buy the premium plan from within the dashboard.

Which payment gateway and currency is supported?
Label 59 currently supports PayPal ( All transactions take place in US Dollars.

How much time does it take to get the account activated?
For free accounts the activations are instant. You simply signup with your email address and an email is sent to you with your username and password along with the account verification activation link. Just click on the link in your email and you account is activated and ready for use. For Premium Memberships, you are redirected to PayPal for the payment process and after you make the payment your premium membership will be activated instantly if you click the link 'IMPORTANT : Return to Label 59 to complete this process'. In case you do not click this link, your premium membership will be activated within 24 working hours.

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