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About the Service
Label 59 is an online browser based application which is available as a hosted service. This service does not include internet access, which must be obtained from a third-party Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Use of Service
Label 59 grants you the right to access and use the service through the website. This right is non-exclusive and non-transferable and limited by these Terms.

Activation of Service
Generally account activation takes place immediately after signing up for the service. In certain cases, due to excessive load, the account may not be activated instantly. In these cases, you receive an email when your account is activated (usually within a few hours). When you make payment either for buying credits or for becoming a premium member, you are required to click the button 'IMPORTANT : Return to Label 59 to complete this process' after making the payment on PayPal. When you do that your transaction is immediately completed and is reflected in your account on next login. In case you do not click that button, then your transaction takes 24 working hours to reflect in your account. There is NO Recurring Billing under the Premium Plan. At the end of your validity period, your Premium Plan expires and you have to purchase a new plan.

Access of Service
You can access the service with the login information supplied to you at the time of your account activation.

Availability of Service
Label 59 will work to make this service available continuously during your Service Period. We may perform maintenance and other system modifications, as deemed necessary, at times when they are least likely to interrupt the users. However, Label 59 will endeavour to inform you of such interruptions in a timely manner. Label 59 shall not be held responsible for any kind of loss / damage, financial or otherwise, in case of corrupted or lost data, service downtime, or service malfunction for reasons beyond its control. If the service is not available for the reasons attributable to Label 59, we may extend your Service Period after investigating the probable causes.

Obligations & Responsibilities
You agree not to try to decompile, reverse engineer, plagiarize or in any other way obtain source code from the service. You will ensure that your username and password required to access the service is kept secure and confidential. The data within your Account, as converted and managed (in whichever format) by Label 59 will not be provided to you. Label 59 is not responsible for the legitimacy, legality, validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, completeness and suitability of your data and contained within this service.

Termination of Service
Label 59 reserves the right to terminate you service in case you are found to breach the conditions mentioned in these Terms to Use. Label 59 also reserves the right to delete the contents of unused / dormant Accounts and in doing so Label 59 will duly inform you about any such action well in time.