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Label 59 For Business & For Education

Label & explain directly on any photo & create an interactive presentation

You'll be surprised to see how easily and quickly you can create stunning presentations with Label 59.
Anyone with little or no technical knowledge, can create these presentations with our easy to use editor (no coding required). And yes, if need be, our how-to videos are there to help you every step of the way.

Make any photo ... interactive

Label 59 is a multi-utility tool for anyone and everyone.
With it's intuitive toolset you can make any photo interactive in no time. Check out the samples here

Label 59 Samples

Presentation tool unlike any other

Unlike any conventional presentation tool, Label 59 enables you to create different sort of professional looking presentations, with slides that have interactive markers and these markers reveal information on mouse over. Label 59's toolset consisting of Markers, Connectors, Arrows, Tooltips, Text Blocks and Detail Window, help you add this interactivity on every slide.

Even a single slide presentation speaks volumes

Presentations created with Label 59 are interactive and present information on user action.
Even a single slide created in Label 59 can display more than the entire presentation created in the other tools.
These presentations are published in both Flash & HTML5. Check out the working sample below.

View Sample (FLASH)
View Sample (HTML5)

View on Smartphones, Tablets & Desktops

These presentations are created in Flash & HTML5. Both these versions are identical twins. The Flash Version runs on all devices which have Flash Player 13 or higher installed. HTML5 Version runs on all devices that have an HTML5 Compatible Browser and also on devices that do not support Flash like all iOS devices (iPod, iPhone and iPad).

" The latest gadget in any e-commerce retailer's toolbox should be Label 59,
a web-based application that people can use to create product demos & highlight the most important features of any goods they're selling online."

Create on your own or our Design Team can do it for you

Create these presentations on your own, using our user friendly & easy to use editor. Simply sign up & start creating ...
You can even get these presentation created by Label 59's Design Team. Either way you get an unbranded version of the presentation for commercial use on your own server or to use it offline.

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